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The swiss army knife for lighting

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We design and implement intelligent and optimized lighting systems tailored to each project, delivering the right light only when it is required, independently from any manufacturer or contractor. We work within the industry, services and public authorities.

Experts in their field, ILICO’s engineers have developed a unique know-how to reduce operating costs and environmental footprints to the minimum while improving comfort, safety and productivity.

The exclusive approach is the result of many years of research and innovation and has succeeded in optimizing energy consumption while improving illumination quality. The implementation of new technologies require the help of lighting specialists who not only master them but also adapt them perfectly  to consumers' needs.

ILICO is the first actor on the market with such a double expertise.

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Our mantra

wHY US ?

ILICO sells neither equipment, electricity, nor maintenance contract. Our independence ensures maximum earnings.

  • Minimize your costs

    • Acquisition costs

    • Power consumption

    • Operating costs

    Our studies always prove to be profitable thanks to the savings of the purchase price.

  • Let you select

    Independent from any manufacturer or contractor, we always work on several lighting concepts. Consequently, you choose the one that best fits the challenges we ranked together along the project.

  • Enhance your quality

    The lighting system definitely takes part in the production process . Consequently, it must ensure proper implementation of tasks: precision work, visual inspection, repetitive tasks, etc.

    By increasing the visual comfort and well-being of your employees, we do improve the quality of their work and their productivity.

  • Improve your safety

    Do you know that a under illuminated area is widely recognized as being a contributory factor in accidents? The choice of the technology is far from being neutral on the human body? The lighting system impacts the visual comfort and well-being of your employees / users? We also conduct our studies from a health and safety point of view.

  • Reduce your ecological footprint

    By optimizing your lighting system, ILICO helps you reduce your CO2 emissions. All our studies emphasize the carbon footprint of your systems.

Executive Team

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Hugo Revidi

Technical Director

Yann Zmirou

General manager for Switzerland & Germany


Thomas Noël

Founder & General Manager for France